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China's defense white paper in 2008 clearly stated: the Air Force to adapt to the requirements of information warfare, to accelerate the Brake parts inc achievement of homeland defense to both offensive and defensive. 2011 China's defense budget amounted to 601.1 billion yuan over the previous year, the actual implementation the number increased by 12.7%, for the establishment of strategic air force in China to provide a strong economic base.

Aero-engine: the industrial crown pearl of aero-engine high-value, long development cycle, technical complexity, high-end materials. China has become the following after the United States, Britain, Russia, France, the world's fifth country of autonomous development of aero-engine road, Friction disc technically, paving the way for the development of advanced aircraft engines.

Civil aviation engine industry: a huge market, controlled by others the next 20 years, the market capacity of China's aviation engine is about $ 103.4 billion. But so far, the domestic civil aviation has not been equipped with a type ceramic brake pads of domestic engine power trunk or regional jets. Customer development projects matching engine to start the civil aero-engine industry, our country will open a new milestone.

Military aero-engine industry: Taihang detonated the second-generation Brake pad catalogue fighters of the industry growth point in China's Air Force models a large number of third-generation fighter to J10/J11B will be replaced. Taihang engine accompanying formal shape in 2005, is about to enter mass production stage, a rough estimate of 21.6-43.2 billion yuan output value per year.

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