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With emphasis on the improvement of environmental resources to waste recycling and comprehensive utilization of resources as the core of the recycling-based economic development model has become the trend of world economic development. Resources and vigorously develop recycling technology, economic development and the environment will have a profound impact on sustainable development. The use of waste plastic and wood fiber production of wood-plastic composite products is in line with world trends of new energy-saving building materials.

Wood in line with the pursuit of circular economy, promote low carbon environmental purposes, can be used for landscaping, interior and exterior decoration, flooring, fence, flower beds, shelters and other places, life is several times the normal wood, the color can be adjusted according to formula .China wood professional network - compared with traditional wood, wood is the biggest advantage of a greater contribution to the environment, "help to protect the wood to save the environment, do not paint to prevent pollution of the environment, does not produce recyclable scrap after the secondPollution. "Jufeng Liushu Yang, vice president, said," water absorption lower than wood timber, and acid rain, seawater corrosion, but also anti-moth-eaten, rat-bite, so it is the life of ordinary timber 3 to 10 times . "

With the increasing tension of forest resources, the rising world price of wood, wood composites began to get all the advantages of the strong support of national authorities.

In 2002, wood-plastic composite materials into the Chinese Academy of Sciences' 2002 report on high-tech development "; the same year, 863 projects were included in the Ministry of Science and the State Forestry Administration 948 program, and thus set up a special group; 2001 to 2006, National Development and Reform Commission has been the wood composites industry as a national high-tech new materials of special projects; in the State Department's "Long-term Science and Technology Development Program" was included in the 68 priority themes of biomass ( wood-plastic) composites with 5 fields associated with the five themes.

Application to conquer the Olympic Expo

In 2010, China's wood products made in China, the Shanghai World Expo a great success. Pudong Expo zone elevated walks, Expo axis Landscape Avenue, the highest in the East China Pavilion, the outdoor recreation area, the flow of people during the World Expo the most intensive outdoor area, are unified with the laying of new environmentally friendly wood materials.

Wood has been involved in Expo Area landscape design and laying tasks Gu Wenbiao said, had for the landscape design materials, mostly wood preservative, but because of the corrosion process contains heavy metals and pesticides, the surrounding water cause secondary experience pollution. All experts unanimously decided to use wood instead of natural wood, especially the outdoor walks, floor, flower boxes, tree, pool chairs are measured using wood materials.

Wood landscape can use 100% recycled, after the closing of the Expo, part of the park's landscape has also been ported to the wood in other parts recycling.

In the preparatory process of the Beijing Olympic Games, BOCOG decided to use the Olympic venue construction materials instead of wood preservative wood, Bird's Nest, Water Cube and other venues have the energy saving from the floor. Anhui Guofeng Wood Co., Ltd., general manager Zheng Jue said, MAK Wood participated in the Beijing Olympic Park's demonstration garden outdoor wood flooring, wood housing, trash, fence, wood carvings and other pieces of the production landscape, including wood by the MAK and exclusive offers 250 × 20 sheet carved wood plum, orchid, bamboo, chrysanthemum four relief, with its exquisite carving and vulgarity to become a model project ideas the most beautiful landscape in the whole wood Olympic garden access, Ministry of Housing (former Ministry of Construction) Officials and experts alike.

Future mainstream

The new wood material has many advantages, but there is little in the major building materials market products to see this material. The reason, poly front sales manager Fang Zhiyong, said: "One is the promotion is not enough, another important reason is the price."

China is a timber resource-poor countries, due to excessive logging of green trees, the destruction of barriers, dust storms intensified, so special attention to the current government recycling of resources and ecological environment protection, which is the development of wood products to create a very good environment, coupled with the excellent performance of wood-plastic product itself, so the wood will sooner or later a comprehensive alternative to ordinary wood.

Of course, if we really want out in the market to fully substitute for wood products, wood products must first be affordable. "At present, wood flooring per square meter on the market price of 200 yuan to 300 yuan, higher than the solid wood floor length, this is because wood is much higher than the proportion of wood from the current point of view, into the interior wood home improvement industry is still in early infancy, we must first change the process, reduce costs; Also re-established sales channels, marketing efforts, I think the fastest five-year, no later than 10 years, the wood products replace the wood is very promising product, because it is strongly advocated the development of national low-carbon economy is a big trend. "

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