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To adapt to the modern automotive brake system safety, efficiency, environmental requirements, as well as the development of China's automotive industry brake system needs, China Association of Automobile brakes and automotive-related industries Branch Committee jointly held once a year in industry will, in order to strengthen the host vehicle plant, brake industry, brake linings industry exchanges and communication.

"2011 China Automotive Brake Systems Industry Development", will be held on 14-16 October 2011 in Zhejiang Ruian Quintessence Sunshine Holiday Hotel.

The theme of the conference:

Innovation, survival and development

Conference Organizer:

China Association of Automobile Brake Committee
China Association of Automobile Branch of auto-related industries

Conference Sponsor:

VIKING Group Ltd.
Zhe Jiang Libang Automotive Brake System Co., Ltd. joint letter

Staff meeting invitation:

Automotive OEMs and technical personnel; automotive brake industry key enterprises;
Automobile brake linings industry key enterprises; raw materials, additives, adhesives and other related enterprises;
Test equipment, test equipment manufacturers; industry, research institutions and experts.

Conference main topics:

1. China's auto industry, how to enhance the brake self-development capacity and core competitiveness, and promote technical level of Automotive Brake Systems industry continues to improve;

2. In the new energy, low-carbon energy situation, the automotive brake industry to accelerate development and innovation;

3. For the automotive OEMs, bridge industry, automobile brakes, brake linings industry exchange platform, exchange information, promote the simultaneous development and coordinated development;

4. AC brake system technology trends and development of brake linings synchronization requirements;

Meeting schedule:

October 14, the day Ryan Quintessence Sunshine Holiday Hotel in the report;
(Address: No. 8 Ruian Sunshine Road, Tel :0577 -65,888,888)
October 15, all day seminars, visits to force state compliance letter to the company;
October 16, went to Taimushan sightseeing, on behalf of the depth of the exchange; (late back Ryan)
October 17, end of the meeting, representing the return.

Meeting costs:

Conference fee: 800 yuan /person; Non-member unit 1,200 yuan / person;

Accommodation: self-care

Tel: 021 -50,325,218 participants

Additional information:

The annual meeting will be published "," 2011 Automotive Brake Systems Industry Development "Conference Proceedings", complimentary participants, so that we learn after the reference collection pictures. Participating units in line with the principle of service, conference proceedings, back cover, inside front and back cover and other limited edition bit-demand advertising, prices, please call contact.
Size: 29.1cm(high)× 21.6cm(W)
Resolution: 300 dpi
Format: JPG, PSD
Requirements: advertising simple and elegant design

Tel : +86 (021)-5032-5218 participants

China Association of Automobile Brake Committee
China Association of Automobile Branch of auto-related industries
July 28, 2011

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